Amy L. Grant, B.A., IBCLC, RLC
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Providing in-home Lactation Consulting Services and Breastfeeding Education in Northern Lake County, Illinois.

About Me

I am Amy Grant, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.  I am experienced in helping moms and babies with a variety of breastfeeding difficulties including low milk supply, oversupply, twins, post c-section, babies with special needs, sore nipples, latch issues, slow weight gain, as well as general breastfeeding management.  I love visiting new moms in their homes and helping them to have the breastfeeding relationship they hope for.

I have two young children and began my interest in the lactation field when I struggled with breastfeeding my daughter. Not realizing that there was real help available, I resorted to pumping exclusively.  While pregnant with my son, I was determined that he would breastfeed!  I began attending La Leche League meetings and attended a breastfeeding support group at my local hospital.  We had a bit of a rocky start, and required a bit of help, but we were ultimately successful.  I realized my passion for helping moms and babies breastfeed when I acted as a "cheerleader" for a friend with a sick baby who needed to pump.  From there I became a La Leche League Leader and became a Certified Lactation Specialist in 2007.

From that point, I worked on obtaining the many hours required to take the IBCLC exam and I was able to take and pass the exam in 2009. I recertified in 2014.

If you are having breastfeeding difficulties, or just have a question, feel free to call me.  I would love to help!
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